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Honda bags
Bunch of Honda packets consisting of JDM 4th, 5th, 6th gears and 5.0 final gear.

The CARBONETIC LSD responds to the demands of the novice or the professional driver seeking the most dependable control when competing in road racing, time attack, drifting competition or a rally event. A vehicle’s kinetic performance is largely determined by the potential of the selected LSD. CARBONETIC release the Carbon LSD and the Metal LSD. Those LSD have different character. You can choose the best one for your vehicle.

EXEDY organic racing clutches only use premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modified engines. This is the preferred clutch for street and light horsepower track use. Drivability is similar to the stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of the Stage 1 clutch discs have spring center dampers to reduce drivetrain shock.

Ultra-Fiber Organic Disc
• EXEDY Exclusive Friction Composition
• High Heat resins bond friction fibers
• Unlike competitors, EXEDY friction material has no need for steel backing to pass SFI burst test
• Maintains drivability of an OE-style disc
• Heavy Duty oil-quench hardened damper
• Heavy Duty rivets retain clutch material

High Performance Cover
• Average of 40% increase in clamp load
• Extra capacity holds common street car upgrades
• Ductile iron pressure plate provides high strength, anti-burst protection in all temperature ranges
• Stamped steel cover designed to reduce deflection

The MONO FLEX coilover kit has been developed for entry-level competition motorsports and advanced street driving. Features include 16-way damping force adjustability (combined compression and rebound), a mono-tube internal design, pillowball upper mounts, and EDFC compatibility. There are independent adjustments for ride-height and spring pre-load settings for increased suspension tuning. The new Mono Flex also includes TEIN’s latest technological innovation, Micro Speed Valving (MSV) system, which allows the driver to feel a greater difference in damping force adjustments. Designed and developed for consumers seeking aggressive handling on the street and at the track.

• Steel Construction
• Mono Tube internal construction
• Inverted design for strut type front and rear
• Ride Height adjustable via threaded body and spring seats
• 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined
• M.S.V. Technology for improved damping force adjustability
• Pillow ball upper mounts for increased steering feel
• Upper camber adjustment on front for strut type vehicles
• EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) compatible
• Anodized brackets with Teflon coated shock body for heavy duty rust prevention


Here some literature taken from TODA RACING Co.

Increasing the diameter of the throttle and in combination with a tapered entrance helps to increase the amount of air the engine can breathe, giving improved performance.
Dimensions of throttle valve are 66.5mm up from 64mm for the valve diameter and the tapered entrance starting at a diameter of 70.4mm. All built-in parts are new. No trade-in is required so you get more performance and a new throttle assembly.
The power graph shown above compares a stock throttle with the TODA Big Single Throttle when fitted to the TODA Racing FD2 CIVIC (2150KIT) demo car.
Improvements in performance of up to 7 H.P. have been made.

The FD2 Civic Type-R Intake Manifold (RRC) is the highest flowing intake manifold for K-Series engines. The RRC intake manifolds performance is further increased by being meticulously hand ported by TODA Japan engine technicians. These are not regular production items, and made to order. Delivery times range from 4~6 weeks.


m-tec mugen japan
m-tec mugen japan
m-tec mugen japan
m-tec mugen japan
m-tec mugen japan
m-tec mugen japan
m-tec mugen japan

M-TEC Hagadai Manufacturing Plant
Main Business and Products

• Designing, development, production, assembly and marketing of automotive engines for racing.
• Designing, development, manufacturing and marketing of motorsports engines, parts and components for Honda cars and technical services at racing circuits.
• Development, manufacturing and marketing of tuned parts, components and accessories mainly for Honda cars and motorcycles.

2丁目-15−11 Hizaoricho
Asaka, Saitama Prefecture 351-0014, Japan



honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda
honda civic fd2 toda

TODA Exhaust Manifold for the 2006+ Honda Civic Si (FD2)

TODA competition exhaust manifold is developed based on data acquired from competition and continual engine dyno bench testing. It is designed to extract every bit of horsepower from a modified normally aspirated engine with attention paid to improving power all over the powerband.

Originally designed for the Japanese spec Civic Type-R (FD2) chassis. Primary Runners Secondary Runners Middle Section Collector 45mm 50mm 55mm~60mm 60mm

• For Competition Use Only. Factory Catalyst cannot be used.
• Compatible with US 4 door Civic SI (FA5 Chassis) under the condition both exhaust manifold and TODA exhaust systems (18000-FD2-00J) are used together.
• OEM O2 Sensor harness extension included.

Attention Competition Use Only: Vehicle modified by the use of competion parts may not meet the legal requirement for use on public roads.

TODA Exhaust System 2006+ Honda Civic Si 4 Door (FD2)

TODA Racing USA has concluded our test of the exhaust manifold and exhaust system orignally designed for the new Honda Civic Type-R (FD2) chassis. American spec Civic SI features a shorter catalyst compare to the Japanese Civic Type-R, which is un-heard of since any Honda enthusiasts that owned a B-series from 1990~2000 would know it was the opposite. Some of the significant difference in chassis/exhaust hanger designs are listed below. Since the factory catalyst in longer on the Japanese spec FD2 Type-R, which means the B-pipe after the catalyst is significantly shorter. Consumers would have to purchase both the exhaust manifold and exhaust system together if they intend on using TODA exhaust on their American spec Civic SI.