alcon monobloc
alcon monobloc

STaSIS Monobloc4 – 355mm x 28mm (14″) Big Brake System – $2,995.00 USD

STaSIS Engineering; The gravity die cast Monobloc caplipers are constructed of aluminum alloy providing improved rigidity and weight savings. The increased rigidity combined with braided stainless brake lines provides a linear, confidence inspiring pedal feel.

An internal veined design aides in dissipating the thermal energy (heat) associated with repeated heavy brake use. This technology is paramount in a racing situation, and the advanced cooling helps avoid warping – which can cause instability in high-speed or emergency stops.

The unique slotted crescent design avoids degraded brake performance due to pad-gassing. In addition, the slotted crescent technology is less susceptible to the cracking associated with cross-drilled rotors.

What you get with this setup:
• ALCON 4 Piston Monobloc Calipers
• ALCON 355mm x 28mm(14″) Floating Rotors
• STaSIS Brake Hats
• STaSIS Caliper Mounting Bracket & Hardware
• Goodridge Stainless Steel Braided Lines
• Motul brake fluid
• SBS Hi Performance Brake Pads


ats final gear
ats final gear
ats final gear

Prior to, a brand new USDM ITR transmission was ordered. Aside from the 4th, 5th and final gear, it is completely identical to the JDM 98-spec trans. Listed here are the gear ratios for both trans.

USDM ITR transmission gear ratio:
1st: 3.230
2nd: 2.105
3rd: 1.458
4th: 1.107
5th: 0.848
Reverse: 3.000
Final Drive: 4.400

JDM 98-spec ITR transmission gear ratio:
1st: 3.230
2nd: 2.105
3rd: 1.458
4th: 1.034
5th: 0.787
Reverse: 3.000
Final Drive: 4.785

Having the closer 4th and 5th gear was defiantly a plus, however the potential was limited by the 4.400 final gear found in the USDM trans. Solution? That was easy, we replaced it with a 4.929 final gear from ATS&ACROSS. Increased acceleration and response is noticed from this new setup.

New transmission with ATS&ACROSS 4.929 final gear @ 9000rpm:
1st: 3.230 – 63.47Km/h
2nd: 2.105 – 97.38Km/h
3rd: 1.458 – 140.61Km/h
4th: 1.107 – 185.19Km/h
5th: 0.848 – 241.74Km/h
Reverse: 3.000
Final Drive: 4.929


alcon monobloc
alcon monobloc

STaSIS 2.0T Turbo Upgrade – $4,999.00 USD

STaSIS’ Power Kit minimizes turbo lag by replacing the OEM turbocharger with a larger, more efficient assembly. Use of pulse matching technology, like that found in twin scroll designed turbochargers, allows higher air flow rates at lower engine speeds. High flow fuel injectors allow sustained wide open throttle use and a redesigned diverter valve provides long life under high temperature conditions.

Tired of searching for all the components necessary in a turbo upgrade? We’ve eliminated the hassle by including all the components necessary for increased performance and OE reliability.

Included in the kit are as follows:
• State-of-the-Art turbine design
• High-flow Fuel Injectors
• Redesigned diverter valve
• ECU Upgrade
• STaSIS Silicone Hoses
• All gaskets & hardware included


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To kick off the New Year we bring to you a fresh look for a fresh beginning. The site sweated off a few pounds and slimmed up here and there over the holidays, giving it a cleaner and sleeker look. This makeover also enhanced the overall user interface making it easier to navigate.

Last but not least, Evo Garage would like to thank everyone for their continuing support! We will continue to provide our services to returning customers, as well as meeting new faces in 2009.