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spoon brembo carbonetic

Listed below is a list of what you see, including a break-down of how much each component will cost.

• JDM 98-spec Integra Type-R 5-lug conversion – $1,350.00 CAD
• 4-pot Twin Block Calipers: Spoon Sports – $1,980.00 CAD
• Stainless Brakes Lines: Spoon Sports – $230.00 CAD
• Brake Pads: Carbonetic C-Spec (Street & Race) – $284.00 CAD
• Slotted Rotors: Brembo – $270.00 CAD

• Coilovers: Skunk2 PRO-C – $1,280.00 CAD
• Front Camber Kit: Skunk2 Pro Series Plus – $240.00 CAD
• Roll Center Adjusters: J’s Racing – $310.00 CAD
• Full Suspension Bushing Set: Hard Race – $280.00 CAD


jdm b16b honda civic eg
jdm b16b honda civic eg
jdm b16b honda civic eg
jdm b16b honda civic eg
jdm b16b honda civic eg
jdm b16b honda civic eg
jdm b16b honda civic eg

Four months may not seem to be a long time in one’s life, but when those 4 months are spent away from home, that’s a whole different story. Thoughts of home start to cross your mind day after day, and the feeling of nostalgia becomes permanently embedded in your mind. You start to realize how the most simplest things in life are so satisfying. That’s exactly how i felt being away from home.

Tonight, i had the chance to revisit one of those simple things in life. It was the popular late night activity we often participate in. Another photo-shoot session was in order…..KTL MEDIA X THE GREEN CAR. Being optimistic, we decided to check out the new speed skating arena that is being built for the 2010 Winter Olympics. To our surprise, there was sufficient lighting. Why at night? Why not. It’s the quietest time of the day. The mind is clear and focus, creativity follows. enjoy.

– Jimmy Sze