Mugen Clutch S2000
Mugen Clutch S2000

This particular kit is made in Japan for all S2000 model years.

The new Copper Fiber Clutch System from Mugen offers substantial performance gains over the OEM unit. In addition to increased performance and durability, this complete kit gives a much more direct feel.

As the name implies, the clutch disk is impregnated with copper; this provides much more stability and friction for high-performance applications. The disc has stiffer springs than OEM, as well as the elimination of the cushioning plate.

The pressure plate is considerably stiffer, and the surface is Mugen’s proprietary steel.

The flywheel is a lightened unit, with a super-durable face.

This kit is an incredible 13.7 lbs. lighter that OEM and reduces spinning inertia by 42%.

Comes complete with: clutch disk, pressure plate, flywheel, pilot bearing, release bearing, and ultra-strong flywheel and pressure plate bolts.

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