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8th Annual All Italian “Tutto Italiano” Exotic Vehicle Show – As expected Lambo’s and Ferrari’s were abundant. Italian Food, Wine, Music and Gelato were offered throughout the day, “nom, nom, nom…”

As we departed the Italian supercar infested grounds, we were stopped by a yellow Ford. The GT was parked right at the enterance to the lot. Apparently, the rivalry did not end with 4 LeMans wins in a row, he had to come rub it in…

Conversation between the Noble owner and a Ferrari owner.

Italian Car Owner: “What are you doing here?”
Noble Owner: “Huh?”
Italian Car Owner: “This is an Italian car show, that is not Italian.”
Noble Owner: “Well, I have an Italian steering wheel.”
Italian Car Owner: “But that is not an Italian car.”
Noble Owner: “So! This car is faster than anything else here…”