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seeker shit knob
seeker shit knob

The Seeker Heavy Shift Knob is made over weight compare to the OEM one, 400 grams instead of 140 grams. This gives for a better shift while driving. The knob is fully made in stainless steel with a TiAlN (Titanium Aluminum Nitride) coating which grants a strong resistance versus oxidation and a good feeling when touched with bare hands. Features the SEEKER logo and shift pattern which is laser printed on the surface. A perfect knob for a perfect car.

This shift knob is available with two different shift pattern, please specify which you would like to have upon purchase.


honda crz
honda crz
honda crz
honda crz

All we were suppose to install were the illuminated door sill trim set for the CR-Z, however we got a tad bit carried away as usual. The door sills are finished with a molded in carbon fiber pattern, it only seemed fitting to add more of this finish throughout the car.

Illuminated Door Sill Trim
The Illuminated Door Sill Trim is the finishing touch to dress up the interior while protecting the lower door sill from scuff marks. Blue LED lights illuminate the CR-Z logo when the door is open.
• Made of 0.5mm 304 stainless steel with injection-molded polypropylene for durability and protection.
• Molded-in carbon-fiber pattern.
• Polished stainless steel with illuminated CR-Z logo.

The Armrest adds convenience and comfort to your vehicle.
• Adjustable, slides forward and backward for best seating comfort.
• Large padded lid accommodates driver and passenger.
• Multiple storage compartments.
• Can be flipped up in a vertical position out of the way.