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Honda Civic SiR EP3
Remember this EP3 that was here over the summer for the JDM 5 lug conversion? Well it’s back to complete the other part of the JDM-ness, that’s right, the K20A and all it’s glory.

Honda JDM K20A
Preparing of the JDM K20A.

Currently sitting somewhere outback in the dump.

Buddy club Shift Box
Buddy club sports shifter box.

Buddy club Header
Buddy club Header
Buddy club header.

Hasport Mount
Hasport rear engine mount, again… highly encouraged with the used of a race header.

Buddy club Spec 3 Exhaust
Buddy club spec 3 exhaust system, sounds just like the old DC5 🙂


honda civic si fg2
buddy club k-series header
buddy club k-series header
buddy club k-series header
exedy stage 1 clutch flywheel
Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit with Exedy lightweight flywheel.
honda final gear
Honda K-series 5.0 final drive kit – Increase your vehicles acceleration by replacing the final drive unit with this genuine OEM Honda K-series 5.062 final drive kit.
hasport rear mount
Hasport rear mount – Highly suggested for all K-series with aftermarket header, this will reduce any premature wear/damage to the flex pipe.
fg2 civic si exedy
fg2 civic si exedy

As it is, the Honda Civic Si (FG2/FA5) is a great car to drive. And like any great platform there is always room for improvements. The golden rule for all real K-series engines is FLOW! Intake, header and exhaust, get some girth going in these departments. The bolt ons alone will not prove to be anything spectacular at this point, you still have to get your car thinking right. Remember, you car still thinks it is using the factory intake, header and exhaust. It still needs a proper tune. For that we have always looked to HONDATA (K-PRO/FLASHPRO) to get the job done.