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It’s been almost a week now from when the Evo first arrived, since then it has been striped down to address some major wiring issues. Inside the cockpit you immediately see a GReddy controller paired to some Apex’i controller, relayed over to some other JDM controller, wired over to some boost gauge, all of which did not function. Along with all the modern computers, came a load ton of wiring that really didn’t lead to anything, more tapped into places where it should not have been tapped to. Rather than sorting each unit out and tracing hundreds of wires, it was all pulled and placed into the garbage where it belonged, currently still at the restoring point of the main cabin harness.


No, unfortunately this is not Evo’s Evo, although identical in colour it may be, Evo’s elephant powered machine is still somewhere in Hong Kong, supposedly making its way to some container onto some boat! ETA, at this point, completely unknown! For the time being our friend has kindly lent David his Evo, so that we can learn to appreciate what fine Italian engineering is all about.